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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summertime {Fayetteville NC Children Photographer}

My little boy loves the water--so today in the 95 degree weather, I went outside, hooked him up a water hose, and let him play. He washed daddy's truck and tried to wash mommy and her camera, thankfully unsuccessfully! I got him these boots today at Target and he loves them, he liked filling them up with water and letting the water slosh as he walked around. Oh I hate that my little boy is growing up so fast.


Laura - Ex. Dir. said...

Gorgeous Carrie! How do you get the skin so porcelin white? It is stunning! I love your work!

Rachel Plowman said...

Carrie super great captures!! Those are the kind of memories I would want to remember forever.

Love them!!

Dreaming Tree Photography said...

He is just so stinking cute! I love when you post pictures of him in all of his sweetness! I wish I lived closer to you and then we could bethrol (sp?) Aidan and Madelyn!

Lilly Bella Photography said...

hahaha! love it! Who doesn't want to play with the water hose in alligator rain boots and training pants!

Valen's Mommy said...

He is too cute for words!