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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At the Zoo

For my husband's birthday, we decided to spend the day as a family and take Aidan to the zoo for the first time. Aidan wasn't really impressed with most animals--they had to be close up and moving for him to even realize what he was looking at, but I do think he had a good time. Anyone of you who have been to the NC Zoo knows that it is situated with 2 "continents" on each side of a mountain. We parked in North America, then walked up hill toward Africa (that's where the good stuff is!). We reached the top, my legs felt like noodles, and it says "Congratulations! You made it! Now its down hill the rest of the way!" Well that just happens to be where Josh decided we should ride, we were tired. So we ride to Africa and have to walk UP HILL to go to each exibit!!! So I went to the zoo, and walked uphill both ways! And I must say that the gorillas and the chimps made the trip worthwile. The gorilla munched on his boogers, and it was chimp mating season :)

A little bit of sweet monkey love...

Aidan feels the need to clap for everything now

And he was tuckered out for the car-ride home!

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